What we believe is parallel to what we do.


The Lavender Scene prioritizes eco-conscious events + sustainable design.  We accomplish this through a waste management program that details out accredited venues, smart registration, compostable packaging, + recycled decor.  The environment will love your event as much as you do.


We believe community is more than a buzzword, it is a way of life.  10% of all profits are donated to a local nonprofit organization.  Because of you, we are making a difference in the city of Chicago + beyond.


Everything we do is meant to bring people closer together, + we believe the small moments can mean the most.  From elaborate celebrations to intimate evenings for two, each event is met with beauty + intention.  Celebrate every day with The Lavender Scene.  Because why not?


Lavender is meant to produce a sense of calm.  The goal of our clients is to create a seamless experience for attendees from travel to execution. Our business model is made to simplify the planning process + minimize the number of cooks in the kitchen.  We implore you to get your hopes up + watch your vision come to life.